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As an experienced and dedicated dentist in the Mission District, CA, Dr. Lukman provides patients with the latest advances in oral surgery by helping patients address an array of issues for better oral health.

Oral Surgery Q & A

What is oral surgery?

Oral surgery includes all the special procedures used to address more complex issues that typically occur beneath the gum or on the interior of the tooth. Oral Surgery includes procedures used to rebuild the mouth structures following trauma or surgery as well as complex extractions like wisdom teeth extractions and extractions of teeth that have become impacted (“stuck” under neighboring teeth). Gum and bone grafting procedures and dental implant placements are also types of oral surgery.

How can I tell is I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?

Obviously, if your wisdom teeth have come in crooked, are impacted or decayed, or otherwise cause symptoms, they should be removed. But even when wisdom teeth aren't causing symptoms, having them removed can be a wise move in proactive care. That's because wisdom teeth are located very far back in the jaw, making them extremely difficult to keep clean. As a result, bacteria and tartar are far more likely to collect and cause decay and infection which can wind up affecting other teeth as well as your gums. Having wisdom teeth removed before these conditions occur makes it easier to keep your remaining teeth and gums clean and healthy and can reduce your risk of serious decay and disease in the future.

Will I be awake during oral surgery?

That depends on the type of surgery being performed. Some types of oral surgery may be able to be completed using local anesthetics without the need for more advanced anesthetic techniques. Other procedures may benefit from having you in a more relaxed state, using oral sedation or IV sedation. You'll be able to discuss all these options prior to your treatment so you can feel confident in the approach that's used in your case.